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Water Heaters

Do you know how old your water heater is? If your answer is no, I can help you determine the manufacturer's date. Due to the amount of minerals and chlorine in our water, water heaters typically last 6-10 years here in Florida. We can extend the life expectancy by installing water filtration and also draining the water heater once a year.

Now let's get back to finding out how old your water heater is. Generally, there is a clear sticker towards the bottom right of your water heater. On the sticker, locate the serial number. The manufacture's date is either the first two or the third and fourth numbers. Look at the example picture below. On this particular model (State Water Heater), the year this tank was manufactured is the first two numbers, which represents 2016.

If your water heater is past the 6-10 year life expectancy, give us a call today and we can install an energy efficient water heater.

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